Build Your Album


Every track will have a rhythm section of up to five instruments, including Bass, Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Keyboard.  Listen to #1 in the samples.  This is the basic sound of the band that will be playing behind you. 

$175 per song.


Now add a specialty instrument or two, like a steel guitar, auxiliary percussion and some limited sweetening with strings and alternative keyboard like organ or horn licks.  Listen to sample #2. Backup vocals too! 

ADD: $75 per song.


Do you need full production for some of your songs?  Add the whole orchestra and horn section, backup vocals on every track, and just about any specialty instrument.  This type of production typically costs hundreds more than our price. #3 has the full treatment.

ADD: $175 per song

Here's an example of what your album might cost: You have twelve songs to cut. Four of them need just a simple rhythm section.  4 x $175 = $700.  Six of them need specialty instruments and backup vocals. 6 x $250 = $1500.  Two of them need the works - full orchestra with special sauce. 2 x $350 = $700.  Your total cost for the album - just $2900!   That price includes mixing and mastering for digital distribution and CDs.  The only additional cost would be for artwork and CD replication if you need them.  Remember, we will distribute your album to iTunes, Amazon and several other digital outlets at no additional cost. So, sit down with a calculator and figure out what your album would cost.  You just won't find this kind of quality for the price anywhere else!  We only have a certain number of projects we can do at these low prices, so call me today at 615-804-4647 or email Warren at to book your album.